Sunday, December 9, 2012

My First Blythe Craft Swap

Very soon after becoming interested in Blythe dolls this summer, I joined an amazing online community called Blythe Kingdom.  I go there every day to see what's new--there are people talking about every aspect of Blythe.  The best thing I discovered is that there is a monthly Blythe-related craft swap (monthly...except this month! December is too busy for most people, so the swap will resume in January.)  I signed up for my first one at the beginning of November, and within a few days I had the name of my partner, crystalviolin.  The theme of the swap was "Winter Comfort", so I started searching online for Blythe-sized clothing patterns.  I sent two outfits to my partner; the first one is being modeled by my new doll, an I Love You Truly I Do named Claire:

I knitted the hat using a simple pattern from xoxo, Blythe.  I've made a couple of these hats for my girls already, so I knew I could make a nice hat for my partner!  The coat pattern is from Oriettacat.  Snowflake buttons that I found at Joann's added a nice wintery touch.

Under the coat, Claire is wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt with a snowflake embroidered on it (I lengthened the sleeves on the t-shirt pattern from Puchi Collective).  The skirt is a simple curve of wool felt on which I embroidered more snowflakes and added some white seed beads; that pattern is from Miseducated.

Next up is Bonnie, a Raspberry Sorbet (and my very first Blythe!)  She is wearing wonderfully cute footed-pajamas; I found the pattern at a Japanese site HERE (click on the word "Blythe" in small print at the top of the page).  There are a lot of patterns there, but they are all in Japanese.  This one had tons of pictures, so it was easy to figure out.  (The Google translation was absolutely hilarious, and almost useless!)  I altered it somewhat; the original pattern has bear-like ears and tail, which I changed to a cat for my partner.  I love this and plan to make some for my girls.

The hood is crazy-big compared to the body of the pajamas, but that's how it is when you're dressing a doll with a huge head!

 I also sent my partner a few things not pictured here:  some tiny hair clips, two pairs of tights, and a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe, decked out in winter clothes (that she came with).  Later this week I will show you the wonderful package I received in return--I love it!

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