Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye Plastic Paradise

Eve and Ophelia react to the sudden and surprising news 
that Plastic Paradise is now CLOSED!

Plastic Paradise was a doll forum mainly devoted to Blythe. I found it a couple of years ago, right after I got my first doll. At that time it was a lively and exciting forum--we had swaps, challenges, and live chats, for example; but in 2014 participation declined steadily, until at the end there were only about 15 active members. 

Here's the farewell message that the administrator posted:


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the closing of Plastic Paradise.

To avoid any rumors, I will let you know that the closing of Paradise has to do with a tragic death in my family. My Brother-in-Law, whom I've known practically all my life, died in his sleep just a few days before Christmas. I am grief stricken and heart broken. He was not only my Brother-in-Law but more like a big brother, a friend and he and my older sister were my eldest daughter's godparents - so he was very dear to me. He had just had a complete physical where his blood work came back good so it took us all by shock. He had also just celebrated his birthday 4 days prior so what should have been a happy time turned into one that has really shaken us all. We found out just as my dad was being released from the hospital as a result of complications from leukemia. As I've mentioned on the forum, my dad's been fighting cancer since last December and was in the hospital not only last Christmas but has had some emergencies throughout the year including an emergency surgery at the end of September/beginning of October. With my older sister sorting through her own painful situation, I will need to pick up the slack and help out more with my dad. I want to thank you all for your support during this difficult time.

Really, Plastic Paradise could not have existed were if not for the positive attitude of our regular Islanders and all of the help and creative input I received from the Mods here. Bravo to you all -- I will miss you.

The forum will remain here in it's entirety but I will not be turning it over to someone because truthfully I am a terrible control freak but that's a different story and an issue that I need to work on in 2015.

I will put the forum on vacation and maybe when I get my head above water the Blythe hobby will still be here and there will be people interested in again visiting Paradise. xoxoxoxo Lisa

I will miss the small-town feel and the friendly support of the people I had gotten to know there. Hopefully we will all meet up elsewhere;  Facebook and Flick'r groups are still thriving, and of course Blythe Kingdom is a good option too.

Goodbye, Plastic Paradise! It was great while it lasted!


  1. That's so sad! I feel awful for her and her family. :(

  2. I'm really sad for Lisa. Thanks for posting, Leslie.

  3. I'm super sad about this. I was planning on trying to post more regularly in 2015!