Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Easy Iron-On Labels

I had a shock one day last week, when I saw some items I had swapped with another Blythe fan included with a doll that was for sale on eBay! Usually, when someone re-sells handmade doll-related items, they give credit to the maker; but the seller wasn't the person I had given the items to, so she wouldn't have known who made them. It got me to thinking, and I decided that I should start putting labels on the things I make.  I looked at Etsy, where there are tons of options for all your labeling needs, but there were so many options that it became confusing, so I decided to just make my own simple labels. Here's how I did it.

--Bleached cotton muslin fabric 9 x 11.5"
--NON-sewable Heat n Bond (the picture below shows the sewable kind because I couldn't find the wrapper for my non-sewable roll!) I want to iron these on without sewing, therefore the non-sewable option is the way to go.
--Standard computer paper
--Computer with ink-jet printer

1.  Cut the Heat n Bond to the size of the computer paper (8.5 x 11").  Iron it onto the cotton fabric according to package directions. Trim the bonded fabric to approximately 8.25 x 10.75", then center it and tape it to a sheet of computer paper (it will go through the printer better if the leading edge is paper, not fabric.)

2.  In your word-processing program, write out what you want your labels to say, and fill up one whole page with the words. Print a test sheet on plain paper and make any necessary adjustments.

3.  Put the bonded fabric into the printer and print in the normal way.

To use a label, simply cut it out with scissors, peel off the backing, and iron it inside the garment. The Heat n Bond is basically a strong heat-activated glue, so the label will stay where you put it.

There--that's better! At some point I may sell my Blythe creations on Etsy, using the name of this blog as my store there. With everything labeled like this, everyone will be able to find me. I feel much happier now!