Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Eyes

I took the plunge and changed a pair of front-facing eye chips in three of my Blythes yesterday.

I was slightly terrified as I melted a glue stick and jammed it onto the first eye!  And I was terrified again as I gripped Grace's head (the girl on the right) and started pulling--HARD--to get the chip out.  Much to my relief, I didn't break her, and all the eye chips came out...eventually (I had to re-do the glue sticks on some of them.  I don't know if the chips were just glued extra-hard, or if I was too impatient and started pulling before the glue stick had firmed up completely.  Claire (center) was the trickiest of the three, because she her face mold is SBL, so her eye holes are the smallest. The melted glue got in her eyelashes, and I thought she was a goner, but I managed to scraped it out without pulling out any of her lashes!  Whew!

Now that these three are looking so pretty, I need to get more chips for the rest of my dolls!  I just placed an order with Cool Cat on eBay, so I will be working on the rest of them soon.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Two Dresses

Alice and Eve are modeling the dresses I sent to Poshdolly in our first Blythe swap on Plastic Paradise.

I knit this dress using a pattern on Ravelry, called Flirty Dress for Blythe by Jane Pierrepont.  The shrug is another free Ravelry pattern, called Shrugs and Kisses by Maggie Baird.

Alice's "housewife" style dress started out as the free Party Dress pattern on Puchi Collective, and I added the collar and apron to make it more "50's" looking to suit my partner. I love this fabric pattern--it's little fish bones!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


There is a book case in our family room that is slowly being taken oven by dollies.  So far they have claimed two shelves as their own, and they've talked me into creating a nice little two-story apartment for them using scrapbook paper, foam core board, and assorted small accessories. 

Another doll has joined them since this picture was taken...and things were looking a little crowded even without her...and I have a feeling there may be another one or two dolls joining them in it's possible that a third floor will soon be under construction!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Purple is definitely Wendy's color.

I knitted this dress and shrug using free patterns that can be found at Ravelry.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Walking home from the library, Bonnie insists she is strong enough to carry all the books by herself.  Grace has her doubts.

I made these small books using the free printable book covers found at 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Even More Swap Goodies!

Wow, we received TWO swap packages this week!  This second one came from a swap on Blythe Kingdom.  My lovely partner, HouseOfHarlow, sent a cute dress, a headband that she made,  several fat quarters of fabric, and...a BARBIE DOLLHOUSE!

Alice was quick to volunteer to model the new dress and headband, and she is having so much fun playing with this amazing dollhouse (it was manufactured by Hallmark as a Christmas ornament several years ago).

Thanks so much, Chantelle, you are a fatastic swap partner!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hurray for Swaps!

There was great excitement here on Monday when a large package was delivered to our house. Penny, Poppy and Candy crowded forward to see what it could be.

 "All these parcels say 'Blythe' on them--that's me!!" exclaimed Bonnie.

Bonnie and Alice were amazed at the abundance of goodies sent to us by our Blythe friend, Susan (aka susanmay92171), from our swap on Plastic Paradise.

Alice is entranced by a new goldfish in a bowl.

I had plenty of volunteers to model the new clothes!  Starting on the far left, Grace is wearing a lovely aloha dress with matching headscarf (love that fabric!).  Next to her is Candy, wearing a super cute skirt with matching hair bow.  The blonde girl is Claire, who is feeling so comfy in a pretty pink bathrobe (and she's looking at Alice's fishbowl).  Bonnie is on the right, relaxing in a chair from Susan's collection of miniatures--it is the perfect size for dollies!  And down in front, Wendy wanted to try out the new pillow and matching comforter--she says they are great!  There were also sewing patterns, bright fabrics, and some baby chicks in the box!

Thanks so much, Susan, you are an AWESOME swap partner!  Everything you sent is amazing!!

We would love to welcome all Blythe lovers to Plastic Paradise; a new swap will be starting in a week or two, so don't wait--become a member today!

Monday, February 11, 2013

What a Surprise!

Bonnie and Grace are pleasantly surprised to discover that the back yard has recently become overrun with cats!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On the Boardwalk

There's a new Blythe in Hawaii who will soon be wearing this dress...welcome, Maluhia!  I hope you like it!

The dress is made using the pattern "Aloha Redux" at xoxo Blythe

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Doll for Your Doll

Have you ever thought your doll might like to have a doll?  You can make her a mini-her, like these that I made!  I showed how I did it on my other blog, Leslie's Art and Sew.

They look great on the front...

...and equally great on the back!

If you have a camera, a printer and a sewing machine, you can make these.

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Calendar Girl

I am pleased to announce that my Wendy has been chosen as the calendar girl for the month of February on Plastic Paradise!  Here is the winning photo:

I had a basket of hearts sitting on the table, so I just arranged Wendy in the middle of them. Then I edited the picture on pixlr-o-matic to get the interesting boarder.

Wendy is a little embarrassed by all the attention she is getting...I just hope her fame doesn't go to her head!