Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Doll for a Doll

I was in a Blythe swap a few months ago (we swapped stuff for our dolls, not the dolls themselves!) and for my partner I sewed a dress, then took a picture of one of my dolls in the dress, then turned the picture into a doll. The picture below shows the doll and the dress I sent in the swap:

I kept thinking about that mini-Blythe doll and wishing I had made one for I looked in my sewing room and discovered that I still had a little bit of the fabric--just enough for one dress--yippee! I also discovered that I still had the original pictures on my computer, so I made another mini-Blythe. The picture below shows my doll Penny with the new dress and the second mini-Blythe. I think the mini doll came out smaller the second time around.  I'm so happy with this set, and Penny is happy with her mini-me!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Old-Fashioned Patience and Non-Posionous Ivy

Yesterday's post worked out just fine, I'm happy to report! Blogging from my iPhone is surprisingly easy. Thank you Jessica for your comment--I will try the trick of doing a slight crop and then saving the pictures to  make sure they are right-side up.

Last week I found two good deals on dolls I had been eyeing for a while.  First came Patience (Veronica Lace):

...and then came--turn around, girl!

Ivy! Ivy is a Prima Dolly Amaryllis.  Their styles couldn't be more different, and I love them both.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Experimental Post from my Phone

 Here's my first attempt at blogging from my phone! My biggest worry is that the picture will be sideways...but I'm willing to take a chance! 

This is my dolly house as it looks today. I've added an attic closet, which the middies seem to think is really a playhouse for them! I don't know how they got that sofa up there.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moving Right Along...

Thanks to all who have claimed doll clothes and made donations to charity. It truly warms my heart to know that you like the things I make and that the Heritage Humane Society and The Giving Heart have benefited. I realize that not too many people know about this blog, though, so I have moved the items that are available to an etsy store (also called Blythe Happy--click the name to go to the store). You still  the option to claim the items for a charitable donation--just email me ( and tell me which item you would like, and I will remove it from the etsy store for you.

In order to keep this blog from stagnating, I am going to start trying to post a picture here every day! Taking pictures of my dolls is fun, and posting daily will give me the motivation to do it regularly. Without further ado, here's today picture: Tillie and her Bunnies.

I made the hat, t-shirt and skirt just for her, and I would gladly make any or all of them for you for a charitable donation (skirt or tee, $5 each; hat $10, in colors of your choice).