Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Shoes

There is one thing I don't know how to make for my dolls--SHOES. I love little dolly shoes, and with close to 30 Blythes in my collection, I need to have a collection of shoes that will go with all their different outfits as well.

Recently I purchased these shoes from actongtong on eBay. The seller is located in Hong Kong, so before I made the purchase I inquired if he would offer combined shipping if I bought several pairs of shoes. He quickly replied that yes, he would, so I purchased 7 pairs. I was happy with how fast they arrived (they only took 11 days to reach me in the U.S.), and I was very happy to see that the seller included a free pair of shoes!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I love Blythe profiles! These girls look so thoughtful when seen from the side. Here are two pictures I've taken recently...

...this is Charity (Mod Molly) with the morning sun coming in the window behind her:

...and here are London (Prima Dolly London) and Patience (Veronica Lace); they seem to be looking at something interesting.