Friday, January 31, 2014

Cow Dress

Wendy and Hope don't feel a bit awkward about wearing the same dress today!

I've been dying to make a dress out of this super-cute cow fabric, and I love how these turned out. (I love how the hairbows turned out too!) I plan to keep one and send the other to a friend.  I also plan to make more of these sets in a variety of fabrics, to sell in my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blythe Kingdom Swap

I am participating in two Valentine's Day Blythe swaps, and a package arrived today from one of my partners, Heather. When I opened the pretty heart-covered envelope, all these packages spilled out! Calliope has been so spoiled as my doll of the week that she thought they were all for her--but I made her share.

Eve and Grace joined in the fun, and all three girls got dressed in festive new clothes. Calliope is wearing a beautiful bracelet and necklace set that are so tiny and delicate you can barely see them in the picture. Eve is holding a really cute heart-shaped plate with Valentine's treats made of clay, and Grace is wearing our first pixie hat!

This was such a great swap, I was very lucky to have Heather for my partner!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Doll of the Week(s)

There are so many different groups a Blythe collector can join online to share pictures and conversation with other collectors; there's one on Flickr called Blythe Calendar Girls that I'm tempted to participate in--you choose one doll each month to photograph, as much or as little as you want, and post the pictures in the group. But I have more than 12 dolls, and I want to play with them all this year, so I think I will do my own thing. I'm going to choose a doll to concentrate on (change her clothes, style her hair, and take photos) every week--or two. I will take as long as I want with each doll before going to the next one, and I will post photos here.

So here's my first girl: Calliope, my new Can Can Cat. I bought her second-hand on ebay in December. I LOVE her shiny, dark blue hair!

I made an ATC featuring Calliope for the monthly challenge at Plastic Paradise. Our theme for January is "Snow". I think I nailed it!

Just a couple of days after photographing Calliope in fake snowy surroundings, we had ACTUAL SNOW here in Williamsburg, Virginia! The good thing is there's just a couple of inches, and it will be gone by next week, but it is so much fun while it lasts!

(I'm going to make a confession. The snowball Calliope is holding below is........a cotton ball!)

And now, looking ahead to next month's heart-filled holiday, here she is again, offering you her heart.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Getting Ready for V-Day

Some of my girls wanted to make Valentines to send to their friends. Isn't that sweet?

They are, from left to right, Heidi (Cousin Olivia), Ivy (Prima Dolly Amaryllis), As Yet Unnamed! (Prima Dolly Marigold), and Faith (Pow Wow Poncho). Yes, that's right, my newest doll is still waiting for her just hasn't come to me yet. But it will.