Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas is Coming!

I had taken a break from craft swapping for a few months, but when I saw that sign-ups were open for the Christmas swap on the Facebook group called Blythe Swappin', I decided to jump in again! It was my first swap with this group, but I am familiar with many of the members from other Blythe groups on Facebook.

When I found out that my partner, wheatpennyjenny, lives in Hawaii, my first thought of making a holiday hat and sweater set for her Blythe doll didn't seem appropriate. Instead I made the goodies pictured below: two red and green sleeveless dresses, a rainbow Christmas tree (because she loves rainbows), and two pairs of panties--one with a rainbow and one with Christmas candy--which are not pictured because I forgot to include them when I took the picture! I also made the three wrapped gifts as props to go with the tree.

The dress on the left has a print of Christmas lights on the skirt, so I made the matching lightbulb necklace to go with it. I think next time I will actually sew the necklace to the dress, for two reasons: first, it wouldn't get separated from the dress and lost, and second, the fastener would not slide around to the front, which it always does, and it is somewhat maddening to have to constantly re-arrange the necklace.

The dress on the right has a separate underskirt of red tulle. Because I am always worried about staining my dolls, I made it by sewing the tulle to a white band at the top. The band is the only part that would touch the doll, so there is no danger of staining.

I am really in the Christmas spirit now, and I am eagerly awaiting the package from my partner!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Embroidered Flowers

My embroidered Blythe panties have been selling very well on Etsy! I try to come up with new embroidery designs frequently, so my shop will always have something new an interesting in it. The one pattern that I keep repeating, however, is a trio of flowers; I consider it my signature design, because it is the only one that I do free-hand (for all the others, I trace the image onto the fabric and then embroider over the marked lines).

I've been offering the flower trio in blue, purple, and pink and this week I had a special order for yellow and cream (she also ordered a blue). Here's the special order:

...and the pink:

...and the purple:

I love embroidery, so making these tiny panties is really a pleasure!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Cupcake Love Hat

I'm so excited about this "Cupcake Love" hat I just finished today! The hat itself is a simple hand-knit garment, using the Basic Knitted Hat pattern from xoxo Blythe. (I topped it with a little stem instead of the pompom called for in the instructions because I think it is cuter that way!) The thing that makes this, and all my Blythe hats unique, is the one-of-a-kind felt applique I made to embellish it. I started doing these for a swap on Craftster last year--we called them felt badges--and I discovered then how fun it is to create with wool felt. I start by sketching a design on paper, then I cut out the main shapes of the sketch and use those as templates for cutting the felt. I sew the pieces together using regular sewing thread and embroidery floss. The back is completely finished, so the applique could actually be used as a brooch if it was taken off the hat.

This is Grace (wearing Candy's dress for some reason) modeling the new hat. She looks a little cold in that snowy landscape--I think she needs a sweater!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pull Rings and Wubba Chikins

For the past couple of months I've been sewing panties for Blythe, and embroidering them with fun/cute/pretty designs. So why did it take me so long to realize that two images that really scream "Blythe!" to collectors are pull rings and wubba chikins?? This week I stitched those designs onto some panties and I'm offering them in my Etsy shop as a "made to order" item, so they will never be out of stock. All the other designs I make will be listed as I make them--that gives me freedom to sew whatever I feel like sewing!