Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I was first drawn to Candy Carnival because of her pretty blue hair, so I bought one, about a year ago, NRFB, on Ebay. When she arrived, I was disappointed in the quality of that pretty hair--it was super duper frizzy on the ends, to the point that it always looked matted. Still, I loved her, but felt sorry for her, standing on the back of my doll shelf, never quite fulfilling her potential. 

Recently I saw another Candy Carnival on eBay; she was being sold nude, and not many people seemed to be interested in I bid, and won, and got her for the least amount I've paid for any doll so far. Yay! But she too had the frizzy hair problem, so I decided to be brave and try to smooth it out with hot water. I boiled water in a large cup in the microwave, then took it out and let it cool just for a minute, then I dunked her hair in and swished it around a bit. Then I rinsed it in cold water. When her hair dried, it was amazing! Soft and smooth, with a little curl but no more frizz. I quickly repeated the process on her twin sister, and now I have two really beautiful girls. I made them matching outfits to celebrate their twindom.

Here they are, before their hair treatments. 

Here are Daphne and Waverly, after their hair treatments. Now their hair is easy to brush, and it actually seems to be a slightly different shade of blue! I'm very happy with them now.