Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Way back in the summer, when I first went Blythe crazy, I started hearing about something called "Blythecon".  As I read more, I realized that it was a big meet-up of Blythe lovers--and it was too late for me to attend the 2012 meeting in Texas--boo!

But now I have good news: there's another Blythecon scheduled for 2013, in New York City, and...


It will be held on October 13th, in a big meeting space at 404 10th Avenue from 10 am to 10 pm. I have two tickets, so I will be accompanied by either my wonderfully indulgent husband, who plans to enjoy the weekend in New York City with me even if it means going to a doll convention; or my cyber-friend Susan, who lives in New Jersey and works in NYC.  I'm as excited about meeting Susan as I am about going to Blythecon--that will be two big events in one weekend!

I'm SO looking forward to this!  There will be vendors, raffles, goodie bags, demonstrations, and probably lots of things I can't even imagine.  Now I need to make a hard decision:  which dollies should I bring?

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