Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hurray for Swaps!

There was great excitement here on Monday when a large package was delivered to our house. Penny, Poppy and Candy crowded forward to see what it could be.

 "All these parcels say 'Blythe' on them--that's me!!" exclaimed Bonnie.

Bonnie and Alice were amazed at the abundance of goodies sent to us by our Blythe friend, Susan (aka susanmay92171), from our swap on Plastic Paradise.

Alice is entranced by a new goldfish in a bowl.

I had plenty of volunteers to model the new clothes!  Starting on the far left, Grace is wearing a lovely aloha dress with matching headscarf (love that fabric!).  Next to her is Candy, wearing a super cute skirt with matching hair bow.  The blonde girl is Claire, who is feeling so comfy in a pretty pink bathrobe (and she's looking at Alice's fishbowl).  Bonnie is on the right, relaxing in a chair from Susan's collection of miniatures--it is the perfect size for dollies!  And down in front, Wendy wanted to try out the new pillow and matching comforter--she says they are great!  There were also sewing patterns, bright fabrics, and some baby chicks in the box!

Thanks so much, Susan, you are an AWESOME swap partner!  Everything you sent is amazing!!

We would love to welcome all Blythe lovers to Plastic Paradise; a new swap will be starting in a week or two, so don't wait--become a member today!

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