Thursday, March 28, 2013

White Dresses for Charity

Earlier this week I posted pictures of my knit dresses for charity (click on that link, or scroll to the previous post).  Today I have another dress I am also offering for a $15 donation ($18 outside the US) to one of two charities (details below). This is a white-on-white cotton print, with the name of one of your dolls hand-embroidered on the skirt. The skirt is sewn closed in the back, and the top of the dress closes with two snaps.

I started making these for my dolls so they would all have a nice non-staining garment to wear any time they would be going unchanged for a while. I would love to make one (or more) for you! Just send me an e-mail and tell me the name to embroider, and what color thread and ribbon to use. Then make a $15 donation to one of the two charities below, and forward the paypal receipt to me. I will make your dress and send it within a week.

Make your donation to one of these charities:

The Giving Heart --click on the name to go to the website.  This organization helps the poor and homeless in nearby Richmond, Virginia.  At the bottom of their page, click on the "donate" button to go to PayPal.

Heritage Humane Society--click on the name to go to the website. This organization in my town provides shelter to lost or abandoned cats, dogs, and other animals while they await adoption. Their "donate" tab is at the top of their page and will take you to PayPal.

I did a "test" donation to both of these charities, so I know PayPal will immediately send you an e-mail with your donation details (Heritage Humane Society will also send you a thank-you note by snail mail!) Just forward the e-mail to me (  You may wish to mention "referred by Leslie Andersen" in the message box when you make your donation.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this project, and I hope you will join me in helping less fortunate people and animals!

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  1. I love these ideas, Leslie! I might have to place an order for white and knit dresses soon!