Friday, January 24, 2014

Doll of the Week(s)

There are so many different groups a Blythe collector can join online to share pictures and conversation with other collectors; there's one on Flickr called Blythe Calendar Girls that I'm tempted to participate in--you choose one doll each month to photograph, as much or as little as you want, and post the pictures in the group. But I have more than 12 dolls, and I want to play with them all this year, so I think I will do my own thing. I'm going to choose a doll to concentrate on (change her clothes, style her hair, and take photos) every week--or two. I will take as long as I want with each doll before going to the next one, and I will post photos here.

So here's my first girl: Calliope, my new Can Can Cat. I bought her second-hand on ebay in December. I LOVE her shiny, dark blue hair!

I made an ATC featuring Calliope for the monthly challenge at Plastic Paradise. Our theme for January is "Snow". I think I nailed it!

Just a couple of days after photographing Calliope in fake snowy surroundings, we had ACTUAL SNOW here in Williamsburg, Virginia! The good thing is there's just a couple of inches, and it will be gone by next week, but it is so much fun while it lasts!

(I'm going to make a confession. The snowball Calliope is holding below is........a cotton ball!)

And now, looking ahead to next month's heart-filled holiday, here she is again, offering you her heart.

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