Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Charlotte des Fleurs

I just received my Charlotte des Fleurs yesterday, from CC Toys. It's amazing that the trip from Japan just took her a week, whereas the (used) Prima Dolly London I'm waiting for from Canada hasn't yet arrived, and it's been almost a month!

Her temporary name is Fleur (since I already have a Charlotte); I will see if anything better strikes me in the next week or so, and if not, I guess she will remain a Fleur forever.  Um...her hair. It's big. Very big. She will take up the space of three girls in my dollhouse! I'm thinking I might have to treat her differently than the others, just because of that big hair. She will probably get her own special display, and I won't be able to play with her very much because I think the hair could easily become a tangled mess.

I love her pink hair clip and, her shoes are amazing! The stand she came with is a pale translucent pink which is also very pretty. I'm not too excited about her dress--it's too short for my taste, and when I tugged on the front to try to pull it down a little, it started to rip. Pooh. I will make her a pretty pink dress and that will solve the problem. I'm not very happy with her thigh-high socks either, they aren't very stretchy which makes them hard to put on, so I didn't bother. But overall, I love her!


  1. She's absolutely beautiful. I love her colouring. I've only resisted because once I start on the pink-haired girls who knows where it will end....! Happily Candied has tamed her Charlotte de Fleurs' hair (see her blog) - I was just thinking that if you did want to play with her that might be an option.:)