Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Blythe-a-Day February 3

Eve is totally focused on having the best Setsubun EVER!!

What? You've never heard of Setsubun?? Haha, neither had I, until I read the themes for the Blythe-a-Day Feb. 2015 Flick'r group! Here's the explanation from the Japan National Tourism Organization website:

Setsubun is the day preceding risshun that is the first day of spring according to the old Japanese calendar, or the so-called lunar calendar. On the day of Setsubun, there is the custom of throwing roasted soybeans while chanting "In with Fortune! Out with Evil" in order to prevent evil ogres from entering one's house. It is believed that the ogres are warded off by throwing beans, and that good fortune will then come to one's home. On this day, events with entertainers and athletes are held at shrines all over the country. According to Japanese tradition, if you eat the same number of beans as your age, you will enjoy a year of good health.

My beautiful Eve is a Milky Way Sugar (2008, SBL)

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