Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where My Blythes and I Live

Blythe a Day May 13, 2015
Where I Live

I am LOVING today's theme, because as you can see, I have a very nice set of steps leading up to my front door--these steps are PERFECT for lining up my girls and taking a group shot.  I'm surprised I never thought of this before! We are located in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the weather was perfect to be outside taking pictures.

Yes, it was a lot of work hauling all 40 of these lovelies outside (and then back inside again). They came as they were, and luckily everyone was dressed! A few are barefoot, however. I did this as quickly as I could because I didn't want to be out there when the school bus dropped off the neighborhood kids, so not every girl looks perfect, but it is a nice bright photo and I'm pretty happy with it.


  1. Wow you have so many beautiful Blythe girls!!! I only have 6, waiting on number 7 to arrive only to find out she was miss delivered by the postman today! I'll be like a worried Mum until I make it to the post office tomorrow. Love your daily Blythe photos.

  2. Thanks Louise! I hope your new girl makes it safely home!