Saturday, July 18, 2015

What's That on your Face?

Blythe a Day July 18, 2015
There's Something On Your Face

At the same moment, Hope and Claire noticed a ladybug crawling on Lanie's face, and moved to swat it off. Silly girls! Neither of them realized they each had something much stranger on their own faces!

These girls are Hope (Simply Peppermint), Lanie (My Little Candy), and Claire (I Love You It's True).

As soon as I got My Little Candy, the name Candy just seemed right for her, and I've called her that ever since...until this photo. I happen to love this dress on her, but it has an "L" on the heart (my pink haired girl Prima Dolly London--whom I call "London"--usually wears it). I decided the only thing to do was to give Candy a new name, starting with "L", so Lanie it is!

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