Saturday, August 1, 2015

Almost Twins

Blythe a Day August 1, 2015

These beautiful almost-twin sisters are Coco Collette (left) and Stella Savannah (right). The differences are small, but apparent once you look closely:

--thicker hair
--pink lips
--eye colors brown (right), pink (forward), blue (left), and green (forward)

--thinner hair (you can see her scalp near the top of her head in this picture)
--peach lips
--peach nail polish
--stud earrings
--eye colors pink (right), amber (forward), dark green (left), and blue (forward)

Despite the fact that Stella has the added features of earrings, nail polish, and two pairs of special colored eye chips, Collette is my favorite of the two, because her hair is better, and I prefer her pink lips. (Coco Collette comes in a beautiful blue and pink dress, which I love too!)

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