Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Not Bad!

She seems to be wondering if she feels more like a "Harriet"or a "Lilly" today!

These hand-embroidered Blythe panties were a recent custom order, and I'm showing them off here because I am especially pleased with how the lettering came out. It can be tricky to get the same slant on all those little letters, and to get them to line up evenly on the bottom. I always re-do some of the stitches as I go along, and sometimes I have to take out and re-do entire letters...these names were no exception.  I am so happy that the extra effort paid off! (I think Harriet and Lilly's "mom" will be, too!)

After writing this post, this customer asked me to add one more to the order. So here's Delphine!

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