Sunday, June 12, 2016


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Theme: Sailing

Although she seems perfectly mature to her friends at school, London secretly makes paper boats that she likes to sail in her bathtub.

She is Prima Dolly London.

This is one of those themes that I wasn't sure what to do with at first. I got the idea for the paper boat from a discussion on Facebook about making newspaper hats for Blythe, and someone mentioned also making paper boats. Aha! A place to start with this theme, "sailing". Then I considered setting up an outdoor scene, indoors, with fabric for the water and several dolls sailing their boats...but I thought it might be too complicated to make it look believeable in the photo.  So then I stopped thinking about it while I learned to make paper boats. They are really easy and so fun! And the best part is, before you finish the boat, you actually have a paper hat in your hand! Then it turns into a boat! I learned so much today! Hooray for learning new things! Here's a link to the Wikihow page that will walk you through it, if you would like to make one too:  The boat can be any size you want, you just have to use a bigger or smaller piece of paper; so I thought about a tiny boat that a doll could sail in a bowl of water, or a washtub, or a...BATHTUB! Hey, I have a dolly bathtub!! This is going to be great! (And I think it is!)

It's surprising how much time and effort it is to try to put together a good photo. For that reason, I am going to take a break from the daily pictures for a while; I'm behind on my sewing and need to get caught up! I will take pictures when inspiration strikes, and maybe I will get back to one-a-day next month.

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