Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pink Hair

I recently posted a picture of my blue-haired Blythes; today I am pleased to present my pink-haired girls. I've added their stock name abbreviation under each one, and just for clarity, I will write them out below. The abbreviations I used came from the app called "My Dolly Collection for Blythe"--I've noticed that different people sometimes use different abbreviations, which can be confusing. This app is the first thing I've found that conveniently lists every Neo Blythe (even the very newest, not yet released dolls!) in an easy-to-navigate app for my phone and iPad. It is a work in progress; future updates will allow you catalog your personal collection (I can't wait!) 

I've left out my peach-haired girls from this line-up...the difference between peach and pink can be quite subtle, so I understand that some people might classify them differently. I was going to include Dainty Biscuit, and I actually took a picture with her in the group, but she just didn't look right and I had to take her out--even though her hair is officially "pink". Another confusing moment came when I realized that Prima Dolly Peach has pink hair! That's her, second from the right. 

Here are their stock names, from left to right:

My Melody X Blythe--Softly Cuddle You and Me
Snowflake Sonata
Ichigo Heaven
Prima Dolly London
Prima Dolly Peony
Charlotte de Fleurs
Sprite (sometimes spelled Spright) Beauty 
Prima Dolly Peach
My Little Candy

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