Thursday, June 1, 2017

Green Hair

I've already done line-ups of my blue-haired and pink-haired girls; today it's the green-haired girls' time to shine! Again, I've put each doll's abbreviation at the bottom of the picture, using the abbreviations from the "My Doll Collection for Blythe" app. Here are their full stock names, from left to right: 

Prima Dolly Melon
Simply Peppermint
Miss Sally Rice (twice!)
Enchanted Petal
Prima Dolly Amaryllis

While dressing them and brushing their hair, I came to the realization that my least-favorite hairstyle is short hair that has a center part (sorry, Hope!) The center-part hair always has to be held back with a clip or two to keep it out of the doll's face, and that's harder to do--in a way that looks cute--with short hair. 

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