Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blythe Rainbow

For quite some time, I've wanted to redo this picture of a line of rainbow-hued Blythes. I use this picture not only here on my blog, but also as the header for my Etsy shop and on my business cards. When the theme "rainbow" appeared in the Blythe a Day group on flickr this month, I knew the time had come to finally do it!

The picture below may look similar to the one at the top of my blog, but there are two main differences: all the dolls in this new picture are completely stock (because I realized that I prefer the stock Blythes, and that is now the focus of my collection), and their outfits and stands better reflect the rainbow theme. Also, I have become a better photographer and photo editor since the first picture! This new one is brighter and just overall BETTER than the first! I took care to arrange their hair,  arms and legs, and to line them up more carefully than I did the first time. I've come to see how important little details are, like making sure their hair is out of their face, and they are looking at the camera.

My Blythe collection has grown quite a bit since I took the first picture, so I was able to use a different doll for every color...except orange. Cloud 9 Bowl is so perfect for that little slice of the rainbow that she had to make a repeat appearance.

Here are their stock names, from left to right:

Cinema Princess
Cloud 9 Bowl
Mrs. Retro Mama
Prima Dolly Amaryllis
Simply Sparkly Spark
Curly Blue Babe
Prima Dolly Violet

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