Monday, January 7, 2013

One White Dress

One of the major surprises I had after purchasing my first few Blythes (aside from the surprise of seeing how huge their heads look in the box when you first get them), was that some of their clothes and props can actually stain the parts of the doll that they touch.  Whether you call it "bleeding" or "color transfer," the fact is that plastic used for the arms and legs of Blythes very easily absorbs pigments if left in contact with anything colored for more than a short time.  After seeing it happen to my dolls, I realized the best thing to do is to dress them in white when I'm not taking pictures of them wearing something else.

I made pretty Christmas party dresses for them from the pattern at Puchi Collective, and I like that pattern so well that I now plan to make each of my girls a white dress from it.  I've just finished the first one, and I custom-made it for my very newest doll, Penny.  She is a Cloud Nine Bowl Blythe that I bought for myself with the money I received at Christmas (thanks, Mom!)

I added one inch to the length of the skirt so it falls just below the knee, and I embroidered her name on the skirt.  I think it's obvious why I chose the color orange for the embroidery and the ribbon at the waist!

Penny has the most beautiful orange-y hair; it's actually several shades of orange mixed together.

It won't be long before all my girls are ready to post together in their white dresses.  Each one will have her own "signature" color for the embroidery and ribbon.

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  1. Very good idea! I won't let mine wear anything that I haven't washed to make sure it isn't crocking. Such a nuisance. I prefer the clothes I make to anything stock anyway, but I'm having problems keeping up, since I keep buying dolls. >.> Love your Penny, but of course I would, since I have a C9B of my own...bwahahaha You're right, she has amazing hair. And I adore all her eyes too. :) Altogether a great doll.