Friday, April 1, 2016

Amazing Dolly Mail

It's very exciting to get packages of fun things for my dolls. Yesterday was extra exciting, because I got two packages in the mail, ...AND THEY WERE BOTH GIFTS!! Yippee!!

When the mailman rang the bell for me to sign for a package, I was surprised, because I didn't think I had ordered anything from overseas; but then I remembered that my sweet friend Susan A.B. in New Jersey had ordered dresses for my dolls from an Etsy shop for my birthday, and they had finally arrived! The shop is called Pink Shop by Daniella Pink (wow, her last name is really "Pink"? Awesome!) and I have admired her creations since I first got into Blythe, but I've never owned any until now. Eve and Kitty are wearing them in the two photos, below. Each dress came with a matching hair bow. The bow for Kitty (the smaller girl, a Middie Blythe) is on a beaded headband, which I really love. The colors are perfect for her and I guess this is her very own personal outfit from now on! The bigger girl, Eve (a Blythe Neo) looks fabulous with the red/black/taupe color scheme, and of course the kitty on the front of her dress makes us all swoon from the cuteness! Thank you so much Susan, we are totally in love with these dresses! you are a wonderful friend!

The other package was from my friend Angie C. in Chicago. I had gifted her with some Blythe things, and being the fabulous person she is, she wanted to gift me back with her specialty: beautiful hand-sewn pillows for doll beds and sofas. (Angie also makes lovely quilts for dolls, and we are currently talking about having her make one for us. You can see more of her work here, at Goodnight, Sweet Blythe). Since my doll bed is cobalt blue and the sheets are orange and white, she went with this striking orange and blue color scheme. Each pillow is embellished with ribbon or lace and buttons, and they are all so gorgeous! There's even a matching sleep mask (hanging on the headboard) which is a brilliant idea, because most of the stock Blythe dolls don't have eyes that stay closed, so they never look like they are sleeping if you put them in a bed. The sleep mask solves that problem!

Angie also made a set of pillows for our doll sofa. It's the sofa from Ikea, with the pink cover, so these pillows are my favorite color combo: pink and turquoise. Aren't they gorgeous?? I just love them all so much. Thank you so very much for these lovely gifts, Angie.

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