Sunday, April 10, 2016

New Dress

Wearing her pretty new dress for the first time, Maisy can't decide if her sleeves are too long, or her arms are too short!

Maisy is my Spright Beauty Blythe doll. I'm quite excited about the way I acquired her pretty new dress: there is a wonderful Blythe doll clothes maker in Berlin, Germany, called Miema Dollhouse. Once a month or so, she offers a few packs of her clothes for just $25, but you have to act FAST to get one! I happened to notice her announcement 45 minutes after she posted it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, so I rushed to her website ( Miema Dollhouse ) and quickly put a pack in my shopping cart. As I tried to check out, it was sold to someone else! So I tried again with a different one, and again it sold before I could pay. Guessing that everyone else was looking at the first few packs on the page, I went to the last one, put it in my cart, and...I got it!! Yay!!! It arrived about a week later, and I am quite pleased with the number of items I received for the price. In addition to the clothes, she included a pad of Blythe-themed note paper, another pin like the one on the yellow dress, a card, and a few pieces of German candy. You can see it all in the photo below.

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