Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another Happy Birthday

I had such a nice birthday last Friday: my dear husband showered me with gifts, I received many warm wishes on Facebook, and I bought myself a doll! Yay! One of my favorite gifts from that day is this background my daughter Jenna drew for me to use in dolly photos. I told her I wanted something monochromatic, something like a sketch, something that looked like a storefront...and when I saw this Bakery background, my jaw dropped--it is EXACTLY what I wanted! She is such a talented artist (yes, she did go to art school), so to receive a hand-made gift from her is always exciting!

I like to make birthday-themed photos on a regular basis, so I will have something new to post on friends' timelines on Facebook when it is their special day. (If you want to "friend" me on Facebook, my name there is Leslie Ann Andersen, and I have Blythe dolls as my avatar.) I know just the person to be the first one to receive this picture on their timeline--I'm going to go post it now!

This is the purple-haired Anna Sui, whom I call Zelda.

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  1. That sketch background is so perfect! Happy belated birthday!