Sunday, March 19, 2017


I recently had a birthday, and--no surprise--I bought myself a new Blythe doll!

I've wanted Cinema Princess for quite a while, as much for her gorgeous box as for the doll herself, so when I found her at Mandarake, I placed my order. (Side note: Mandarake is awesome! I've bought several dolls there, and they arrive from Japan as quickly as they would arrive from a few states away. I paid on Tuesday and she arrived on Friday--and this has been my experience every time.)

Below: birthday haul.

She came with two stock outfits, and a beautiful pink chair. There are so many tiny accessories--a full set of jewelry to go with this gown, plus shoes, gloves, and a crown; and then there is a riding outfit, which I haven't opened has about a dozen pieces. So. Much. Stuff. I wanted to take a quick picture of her with these beautiful tulips, which my mother sent me, while they are still fresh; in the coming week I will try to take a few more pictures to showcase all the things that came with her.

I've named her Cecilia. And wait a minute--a riding outfit? Does this mean I have to find her a horse??

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  1. Oh, she's lovely! The blue of this dress is such a great combo with her stunning hair. She's fairly glowing!