Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beautiful New Bedding

What do you do when you want to go to sleep, but your bed looks so beautiful with the new quilt and pillows that you don't want to ruin the effect?

I guess Ellie will be sleeping on the sofa tonight. 

Thank you to Angie Coppi for the gorgeous bedding set. She hand-sewed the quilt (which is very detailed, with lace, beads, and quilted hearts), using colors that I requested; she also hand-sewed the matching pillows and sleep mask; and she knitted the amazing throw from bamboo yarn--which I've never heard of before--it is extremely soft and beautiful. This is Angie's half of a swap we are doing...I am still working on my package for her. I think I need to "up" my game a little, in light of these fabulous gifts!

Ellie is my Ichigo Heaven Blythe doll. She got her name thanks to another swap I did...that swap partner was getting a new doll, and was trying to decide on a name for her. The top contender was "Ellie", so I went ahead and made a white dress with that name embroidered on it as part of the swap. guessed it...she decided on a different name for the doll, so I kept the dress and used the name for the next girl to enter my dolly family!

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