Thursday, April 20, 2017

Swap Package for Angie

I've been a Facebook friend of Angie Coppi for quite a while...almost two years, I think. She is a life-long quilter, and since getting into Blythe, she has been making quilt and pillow sets on a small scale for dolls. Last summer we decided to do a swap: she would make me a quilt set in colors of my choosing, and I would make some clothes for her girls. We both have been busy with other things and agreed to take our time with our packages. I received Angie's package last week; I posted pictures of the wonderful pink and turquoise bedding she sent me HERE .

I'm happy to say that I also finished my package for her! In addition to a couple of things I sent her before Christmas as a sort of down payment on my swap, I sent her the four outfits below. The blue dress is for her newest girl, who didn't have a personalized dress from me yet. The black outfit is a sleeveless dress with a bolero jacket and matching bag. The yellow dress is made from the long-sleeve pattern I drafted to make Angie a white dress for a St. Lucia picture over a year ago...this dress has a matching knitted vest and a felt shoulder bag, which is something NEW! I'm quite excited about this bag, and the one that goes with the green dress, because I love working with felt and I think these bags look great. I intend to make more, to sell in my Etsy shop either separately or as part of outfits like these. Last but not least, the green dress is my standard sleeveless dress made from three coordinated fabrics, paired with a short-sleeved cardigan. I realized after I took this picture that you can't tell that the sweater is short-sleeved, so I took another picture to show it off better, which you will find below.

Angie has just received this package, and she reports that she and her girls are very happy with everything!

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