Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Shoe Obsession

Dolly shoes: so cute, so costly!

When I started collecting Blythes, I planned to make most of their clothes myself...but I didn't think about the shoes, until my first girl came wearing a pair of black boots that simply did not go with everything. She needed more shoes. I actually tried to make shoes out of felt, without success...I can make bedroom slippers out of felt, but not regular shoes (although I have seen at least one talented person make shoes from felt on Etsy, I just wasn't/am not ready to invest the time and effort into figuring that out.) So, I had to start buying shoes. I found them on eBay, Blythe Kingdom, Etsy, and Facebook groups, and I have gradually amassed quite a nice collection of tiny footwear. With the average price around $20 a pair, if I see any that I like that are less than that, I snap them right up!

This is Simply Peppermint with a small sample of our doll shoe collection.

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