Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Doll for a Doll

I was in a Blythe swap a few months ago (we swapped stuff for our dolls, not the dolls themselves!) and for my partner I sewed a dress, then took a picture of one of my dolls in the dress, then turned the picture into a doll. The picture below shows the doll and the dress I sent in the swap:

I kept thinking about that mini-Blythe doll and wishing I had made one for I looked in my sewing room and discovered that I still had a little bit of the fabric--just enough for one dress--yippee! I also discovered that I still had the original pictures on my computer, so I made another mini-Blythe. The picture below shows my doll Penny with the new dress and the second mini-Blythe. I think the mini doll came out smaller the second time around.  I'm so happy with this set, and Penny is happy with her mini-me!

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