Monday, August 26, 2013

Experimental Post from my Phone

 Here's my first attempt at blogging from my phone! My biggest worry is that the picture will be sideways...but I'm willing to take a chance! 

This is my dolly house as it looks today. I've added an attic closet, which the middies seem to think is really a playhouse for them! I don't know how they got that sofa up there.


  1. Love your dolly shelves! That closet area on the top is great. I think because that couch looks fluffy like clouds they just floated it up there with Middie magic.

    When I post pics from my phone I always go into edit on the pic and I lightly crop it and save it. That way you know it's always saved right side up!

  2. Hooray! This looks great! I love your middie closet!