Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Toys

As soon as she brought the toys out of her bag, 
the boys gave Paisley their full attention.

I had the good fortune to visit a toy store in Richmond (Virginia) last week, which carries Sonny Angels! I've always bought mine online in the past. I chose three of the blind boxes, and crossed my fingers that I wouldn't get any that I already have...and I didn't! I got this dog (they call it a shiba inu), pepper (they call it a pimento), and chocolate dessert. These boys bring my total collection of Sonny Angels up to 17. I enjoy incorporating them into my Blythe photos.

The three tiny toys that Paisley is handing out also came from that toy store (World of Mirth). They were hard to display along with the dolls, can you see them? That's a biplane on the sofa, a Statue of Liberty in Paisley's hand, and a puffer fish (which glows in the dark) on her lap. Yes, I am already planning a return visit to World of Mirth!

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