Tuesday, July 26, 2016


These undies are fit for a princess!

This is actually "Princess" Collette (my Coco Collette Blythe doll). The panties are a recent custom order. I don't always take pictures of my custom orders, but I do like to have something new to post on my Blythe Happy Facebook page once in a while, so I came up with this. I used the color red as my theme to pull it together...did you notice that Collette's dress is made from the same silk fabric I used for the background?  Another item of note is her is a hairclip that is just perfect for Blythe. I bought one the first time I went to the store World of Mirth. When I got home and tried it on a doll, I regretted that I only bought one, so I went back the next week and got ten more!!! They come in different sparkly, blue, pink, and white, in addition to silver. Some day I will have to do a picture of a princess lineup.

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  1. Gorgeous picture, Leslie. That dress is so pretty and looks lovely on your princess.