Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Victorian Lady in Colonial Williamsburg

I don't photograph my dolls in public very often, but for today's theme, "Victorian", I made an exception.

My husband and I frequently walk through the restored area of Colonial Williamsburg, near where we live here in Virginia. It is a living museum, open to the public, and it costs nothing to walk all around (but you do need a pass to go inside the buildings.) When I told him that I wanted to bring a doll with us for pictures, he quickly nodded and said "Sure, I'll hold her for you." Wasn't that awesome of him! But I wanted to take a picture from a low angle, with her standing on the ground as if she was a life-sized person. Here's my picture. The building in the background is called the Governor's Palace, because it is so grand, and was the home to Virginia's first governors in the 1700's. Perhaps you've heard of Thomas Jefferson? He lived here from 1776 to 1779.

This picture was taken on a long, grassy field called the Palace Green. On warm days it is swarming with people, but this day was rather chilly, so there were few people and I wasn't too self-conscious about setting up my shot in public. The only person who seemed to notice us was a man who walked up and stood right next to us, looking at the Palace--but he didn't say a word!

I realize that the Victorian era was in the 1800's, so Dainty Biscuit and her outfit are out of place--but still, doesn't she look nice? Some day I will de-box Dauphine Dream and bring her to Colonial Williamsburg for pictures--her stock dress is exactly right for that time and place.

This is Dainty Biscuit.

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  1. Very cool picture from that angle! I like to take my dolls outside to take their picture and fortunately in a big city like Berlin the most people pass by and kinda ignore you ;) They are used to weird people doing crazy things in this town :D