Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blythe Adores Anna Sui

I was fortunate to win the chance to purchase Blythe Adores Anna Sui in the lottery at Junie Moon. She arrived here a couple of weeks ago, but as she was to be my Valentine's Day gift, I had to put off opening her for a while. Wow, she was worth the wait!

It's not very obvious in this picture , but...SHE HAS PURPLE HAIR!!! A Blythe with dark purple hair has been one of my wishes for quite a while, and now my wish has come true. And she has a set of purple eyes to match!

Recently I've started taking a picture like this of each doll as I take her out of her box--this flat layout with everything that came in the box serves as a good introduction to a doll...and it also helps me to remember, in the future, which little things belong to her! (Not that it really matters, but sometimes I want to show off a doll in her stock, and I might not remember which tights were hers, for example.)

Everything about her is well done. I especially like her pull ring, which isn't a ring at all, but a sort of plastic charm that says "Ann Sui". Her hat is wonderfully big and soft and furry. Her tights fit well and weren't too hard to put on. Her boots are pretty, and they are "left" and "right" which is a nice detail (although I'm afraid there will be some people who get two left or two right boots! I haven't heard of anyone with this problem yet, but I know it happened a lot with Minty Magic.) Her outfit looks like a skirt and blouse, but it is really a one-piece dress, which is well-made and pretty. All this plus panties, earrings, bag and sunglasses, and she is ready to go!

When she's dressed from head to toe in her stock outfit, Anna Sui is downright sophisticated.

I had a request to show her side-by-side with Lady Camellia, from the back, in daylight, to compare hair colors. Here is that unedited photo, below (Lady Camellia on the left and Anna Sui on the right). It's a terrible photo in terms of composition, but it is good representation of their actual hair colors. You can see that Anna Sui has beautiful hair: it's long, wavy, and thick.

This doll gets an "A+" from me; there's nothing I dislike about her--I highly recommend her.

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  1. She's really well put together! I think these boots are going to become quite sought-after (I already want a pair myself)!