Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fabulous ATC's

Heidi: "Our sisters are going to be super jealous when they see these ATC's Sara Ricer made of US!"

Calliope: "I know! I feel like we're famous!"

My friend Sara Ricer is a woman of many talents...she's a teacher, a musician, and an artist (she also has a dolly blog called Kid Life Crisis). We both enjoy making ATC's (Artist Trading Cards--click HERE to read more about them), and I recently received a wonderful and unexpected gift of FIVE of her cards!

The two cards above look so much like my dolls Heidi and Calliope that I had to take a picture of them together. You can see all five ATC's in the picture below. I had seen several of these online already, but I discovered that they are much more detailed in person--the brush strokes and subtle shading don't show up completely in the photographs. They really are tiny works of art.

Thanks a million, Sara! I love these cards so much!

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