Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Farewell, Poppy!

Poppy: "So long, girls, I'm off to live in Georgia!"

Ophelia: "Goodbye, Poppy! 
Hope:  "Enjoy your adventure!" 
Eve: "We'll miss you!"
Heather: "Send me some peaches!"

And with that, for the first time, I'm sending one of my girls to live with a new family (not counting that time I sold a doll to a friend for half price, then regretted it, then my friend decided she was done with dolls and sold her back to me). This time it's for KEEPS!

I bought Poppy waaaaaaay back when I first started collecting Blythe. She is a "factory" girl (aka fake), and I wanted to see what the fakes were like. I was pleasantly surprised by her quality: nice hair, beautiful eye colors, great eyelashes, and all-around almost identical to Blythe. A few months later, though, I decided that I would only collect the authentic Takara releases, so I stopped taking pictures of Poppy. She has been sitting on the sidelines of my collection for two years, and I've felt bad for her.

The happy ending to this story is that Poppy with be the very first Blythe for a doll collector I met in the group Blythe World on Facebook. (I love all the Blythe-related groups on Facebook, and Blythe World is one of my favorites!) Since April is already a doll-lover, I know she will adore Poppy and give her the attention this beautiful girl deserves.

Farewell, Poppy!


  1. Poopy is a sweetheart! If you give her a bob she resembles Gentle River A LOT.

    I went through the same experience not long ago, I sold one of my dolls (a Dal) for the first time. All my dolls are keepers and I had thought it would be the same with this Dal but eventually she just sat there on the shelf and I paid her no attention. One of my closest friends adopted her and now she is in a place where she gets love and care and even has a Dal sister (here she was the only one). It made me feel good because I was sad for the poor, unloved doll in my shelf.

    I bet Poppy will be just as happy as my Dal :)

  2. Have fun at your new home, Poppy! :)

  3. Thanks for your comments, Bella and bjork!