Friday, January 9, 2015


The weather has turned so cold that the local skating rink is open for business. The triplets Tilley, Jubilee, and Alice are practicing for an upcoming competition.

These dolls are, from left to right, Simply Bubble Boom, Simply Thumpty Thump, and Simply Sparkly Spark.  They were released in 2010, and they have the FBL face mold. I love love love their hair colors!!

And just now, looking at this picture of them wearing their stock skating outfits, I suddenly understand their names: the circles on Tilley's dress look like bubbles (Bubble Boom); Jubilee's dress has hearts on it, and hearts go "thump" (Thumpty Thump), and Alice's dress has stars, and stars are sparkly (Sparkly Spark). Wow, I'm a genius!

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