Thursday, January 8, 2015


Although separated at birth, 
circumstances have conspired to reunite 
Peach and Melon!

Peach (as yet unnamed) just joined the family, and Elody (Melon), who has been here for about half a year, is so glad to see her sister! Both dolls came to me in excellent "used" condition. This was just a quick picture; I'm looking forward to spending some time styling them--their hair could use some attention!--and taking more interesting photos. I've seen some beautiful shots of the two of them together, on Flick'r.

Prima Dolly Peach and Prima Dolly Melon were limited edition releases in 2007 (only 500 of each doll were produced). They have the RBL face mold.


  1. I love a happy ending! Congratulations, they're both gorgeous <3

  2. That is wonderful! Peach and Melon must be very happy now! :)