Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Call Her Rose

Prima Dolly Peach is one of the more rare Takara Blythe dolls; only 500 were made and released in 2007. In the group Blythe World on Facebook, we are currently having a little "peach picking" fun...everyone with a Peach is asked to post her picture, and we're seeing how many we can find. So far, there are about 8! (And I noticed two on Ebay, so 10 are now accounted for!)

This is the picture I took of my Peach to post in the group. Isn't she pretty? I call her Rose.


  1. She is very sweet! How cool to try and track all the dolls, I hope the group is successful.

  2. She's a very pretty doll. Such a soft look to her. I love this picture too. It's almost ethereal. It reminds me of Christmas for some reason. :)