Saturday, October 10, 2015

Something NEW!

It's so very exciting to learn something new; this week, I FINALLY got around to making a pattern for a Blythe dress with long sleeves, hooray!!! I took the easy route, and made the sleeves and bodice all one piece. After I've made about a hundred of these (in different fabrics, of course), I will probably try for set-in sleeves!

This all came about because a customer on Etsy--someone who is also a Facebook friend--asked if I could make her a dress for her Blythe for St. Lucia's Day on December 13th. According to Wikipedia, in Sweden the custom involves the eldest daughter arising early and wearing her Lucy garb of white robe, red sash, and a wire crown covered with whortleberry-twigs and nine lighted candles fastened in it, awakens the family, singing Sankta Lucia, serving them coffee and saffron buns, thus ushering in the Christmas season.

I made the first dress much too short. That's okay, because there were a couple of other changes that needed to be made--the sleeves were a bit too long, the waist a bit too loose--so I made a second dress, and it is just right. The customer, Angie, already has the red sash, so I will leave the dress unadorned. Angie needed a tray, which I happened to have, so that will go along with the dress.

So I have a happy customer, which makes me feel happy! But I'm also happy to have a new pattern to use for dresses, for my own girls and for my Etsy shop. I've always meant to make long-sleeved dresses, but I never had the motivation until now. Thanks, Angie!!

That's Snowflake Sonata on the left, and Ichigo Heaven on the right.


  1. So so SO sweet!! Beautiful long sleeves just in time for the change in weather. You are ALwAyS Blythe-thoughtful, Leslie!