Saturday, October 3, 2015

White Dress 2.0

Ever since I started collecting Blythe, it's been my goal to make each girl her own white dress embroidered with her name. At first it was easy to do this, but as more dolls came into my house, and I became busier keeping my Etsy store stocked, the "white dress project" faded quietly into the background. So about a third of my girls have their own dresses...and sometimes I put the "Ellie" dress on Eve, or the "Bonnie" dress on Hope, because I need a white garment for a photograph of that doll. So I decided I should have a white dress without a name that would work for anyone; but it shouldn't just be plain. Here's the dress I came up with, modeled by Calliope. I added embroidered flowers at the neck and hemline, and a matching ribbon at the waist. She needed something on her head, so I made a matching headband, adorned with raw-edged flowers and leaves. This is actually a 3-piece set, since the tulle underskirt is a separate piece. 

Yes, I know this outfit is better suited for spring or summer, but I have to work when the inspiration strikes!

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  1. Oh Leslie, I LOVE this dress!!! It's so simple and sweet. It reminds me of how my mom would embroider little designs on the dresses she made for me. :)