Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Translation, Please!

A few days ago, a customer in Japan bought two of the Blythe Christmas dress sets that I had for sale in my Etsy shop. Yay! The only thing is, she sent me a Japanese! And her name and address were in Japanese characters too! Thank goodness for Google Translate; even though the translation sounds a bit weird, I can kind of figure out what she's saying.

Message from Buyer: 支払いました。ご連絡まちます。 あとで、住所メールします。

Google Translate:   i paid. Wait contact . Later , it will address e-mail .

So, I sent a an quick message (in English), thanking her for her purchase and asking her to confirm her address. She replied in fluent English, which makes me wonder why we started out in Japanese, when all the verbiage in my shop is in English! I guess it's just an Etsy thing.

I packed up her order and printed her address in English AND Japanese on the package, just to be sure.

Thanks for your purchase, Junko. I hope you and your dollies love the dresses!

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  1. Those are cute, Leslie. Very festive. :)

    I loved reading your conversation between you two. I'm still amazed (and pleased) at how the internet brings people together from around the world.