Monday, January 16, 2017

A Hat for Every Head

Sometimes the girl wears the hat,
 sometimes the hat wears the girl. 

When I first got into Blythe, I noticed that there was a huge variety of hats, hairbands, and fascinators available for her, which made perfect sense to me: since her head is her most prominent feature, why not play it up? I started buying and making a lot of hats, with the idea that I wanted something fun and different to go on the head of each of my girls. But as I got more into taking photos of them, I realized that the hat often gets in the way of the little story I want to tell with the picture--a big hat can be a distraction.  Now, I only use a hat in a picture when it helps tell the story; or, as in the case of this photo, when the hats ARE the story!

That's My Little Candy on the left, and Petit Dejeuner on the right.

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