Monday, January 9, 2017

Lady Camellia

Approximately five minutes after receiving a big check in the mail from my mother for Christmas, I was online ordering my newest doll: Lady Camellia. I had been thinking about her for a while, but wondered if she was too similar to my other brown haired girls. It turns out that her hair is an interesting and beautiful purplish-brown, so no, she is not similar to the other brunettes at all!

She came with everything you see here, plus a pair of basic pink panties that I forgot to include in the shot (the same "economy" version that come with most of the newer releases).

It was a pleasant surprise to remove her kimono and discover that she had another robe-type garment underneath. I googled it and learned that kimonos are usually worn with this inner layer, called nagajuban. The item above the kimono in the picture is her obi; it goes around her waist and the bow goes at the back. The flowered headband pulls her look together.

I love the combination of colors and patterns in her outfit...especially the little checkered socks! So cute! The sandals are really cute too. I can't wait to put everything on her and gather a few Japanese props for a themed photo shoot.

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