Monday, September 14, 2015

Beryl Loves Purple

About two weeks ago, a sweet friend sent me some beautiful fabrics that she found at a quilt shop (thank you again, Susan W.!!!) I had planned to make dresses from them as soon as I finished what I was working on at that time...but then last week happened. I walked into my sewing room one morning to discover that the carpet was damp. I thought maybe the cat had something to do with it, but as the morning went on it kept getting wetter, and I soon realized there was a leaking pipe somewhere. The plumber arrived quickly and found the problem (luckily the bad pipe was in a wall that separates the garage from my sewing room, so he cut a hole in the garage side of the wall, sparing my sewing space!) The bad news was that my carpet took several days to dry, during which time I did very little sewing.

Yesterday, the carpet was dry, my sewing room was put back together, and I was feeling motivated again, so I whipped up a cute little dress from this pretty purple floral fabric. I love it! Beryl looks great in purple, and here she is, showing off her purple collection. As I was thinking about taking a picture of this dress, I decided to check the September Blythe a Day group on flickr to see what today's theme is, so I could make the picture work for that too. (I've really missed taking daily photos for that group.) It seems impossible, but today's theme is actually "purple"!!! It was meant to be!

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  1. I'm so glad you like the fabric. And what I sweet dress. How funny that today's theme is purple.

    Glad the water damage was minimal and the problem easily fixed.