Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well Coordinated

Collette is looking waaaay too cute in this new outfit! I love these colors, and I had fun making all the pieces to match. I've made similar skirts, t-shirts, knit hats and sweaters before...but this is the first doll-sized bag I've made, and I am pleased! It is made from felt, with a faux-suede strap. It's perfect for toting a trio of wubba chikins!

This Blythe doll is Coco Collette.


  1. It is fabulous! How do you sew such tiny items so perfectly?

  2. Louise! Thank you for your awesome compliment! I actually do have a secret that allows me to sew tiny things well: I'm very near-sighted! So I just take off my glasses and I can see every little thing in sharp detail.