Friday, September 11, 2015

Custom Orders

I gladly accept custom requests for hand embroidered Blythe panties (both Neo and Middie sizes) in my Etsy shop (Blythe Happy)!

If you have an idea for an embroidered image, just go to Etsy and send me a message, and I will let you know if it is possible. As long an it isn't too detailed, I can probably put it on a Blythe panty for you--at the regular price of $7.50 for Neo size or $6.50 for Middie size. This fall leaf on a Middie panty, below, is a recent custom request.

I have a listing for white dresses with a name embroidered on them...and I can put the name on a panty, too! These two, below, just went out in the mail today. I really need these for all my dolls, so when I forget someone's name, I can just flip up her dress and there it is!

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